MUGAS reaches out to key scientists and pharmaceutical companies to set up review and analysis projects.

Laboratory experiments, theoretical research, teaching and tutoring, peer reviewing and writing scientific publications… scientific experts have a full and rewarding agenda. But what if they feel that research efforts in their field of expertise are fragmented, overlapping and underachieving? MUGAS offers them an independent platform to create cooperation, enhance data sharing and to detect and mend knowledge gaps. In this sense, MUGAS is a unique tool to make society profit from top-level scientific research.

Pharmaceutical companies too can turn to MUGAS with any question that requires an independent review and analysis of existing scientific research. They may, for example, wish to resolve scientific controversies surrounding specific medical products or to explore the scientific field in support of developing novel medicines, drugs or vaccines. MUGAS has installed the procedures, protocols and tools that are necessary to warrant an independent, high-level review and analysis.

Six good reasons to set up a MUGAS review and analysis project

  • to resolve scientific controversies that confuse the scientific and public health debate
  • to obtain a comprehensive view on the existing scientific research data in a specific field, including the actions needed to improve current knowledge
  • to resolve possible misconceptions about the effectiveness of drugs and vaccines through an independent review and analysis of pooled effectiveness data
  • to pave the way for the development of new medical products by pooling the existing data from different research groups and channeling research efforts to mend knowledge gaps
  • to obtain an overall analysis of existing data and conclusions in a specific field
  • to bring benefit to society by enhancing public health policy