1. Request

The MUGAS Foundation organizes its projects on request of one or several academic institutions, governement agencies, non-profit organisations, pharmaceutical companies or individual scientists. Project requests will be assessed by the MUGAS Board of Directors.

2. Supervisory Board

Upon the acceptance of a review project request, the Board of Directors will install a Supervisory Board, consisting of international authorities in the field. The Supervisory Board members will collect the available scientific data and assess them with a view to the answering the needs of the project initiatior: re-analysis, review, position statement… Once installed, the Supervisory Board coordinates and supervises the MUGAS project process.

3. Multidisciplinary Expert Team

Building on its investigative preparatory work and with a clear view on the challenge at hand, the Supervisory Board will call upon the combined expertise of an independent multidisciplinary team of experts. In a meticulously prepared, closed Multidisciplinary Team Meeting, the team members will develop a research plan (if the currently available research data are found to be insufficient) or an action plan, with the ulitmate goal of clarifying the scientific issue concerned.

4. Analysis/Review Team

If appropriate, additional expertise will be called upon for the implementation of the action or research plan, which will be carried out in a clearly defined time-frame. To facilitate communication and data sharing amongst the project partners, a closed data room will be set up on the dedicated MUGAS project website.

For the entire duration of the project, the Supervisory Board is responsible for the coordination of the internal communication processes, the organization and preparation of periodic face-to-face meetings in addition to telecoms in order to ensure that the project proceeds in an orderly and efficient fashion.